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13 Plus Size Jeans Wash Types

As we all know, whether a pair of plus size jeans and clothing is excellent, washing a very important role, superb washing can even make a bland plus size jeans and jackets take on a new life. Today we will take a look at the standard methods of washing plus size denim clothing.

1.Garment washing is regular washing(Garment Wash)


The water temperature is around 60°~90°C, add specific detergent, and after 15 minutes of regular washing, it can be washed with a water softener to make the fabric softener, more comfortable, and visually more natural and clean. Usually, according to the length of washing time and the number of chemicals, the general washing can be divided into general light washing, general washing and heavy general washing. Usually, the general light washing is about 5 minutes, the available washing is about 15 minutes, and the heavy general washing is about 30 minutes (this time is not precise). There is no obvious boundary between these three washing methods.

 2.Stone washing/stone grinding (Stone Wash) 

Stonewash is to add a specific size of pumice to the washing water, so that the pumice and clothing polishing, polishing the water level in the tank to the clothing completely soaked in low water level, in order to make the pumice can be okay contact with the plus size clothes. It can be washed or rinsed in general before stone-grinding, or rinsed after stone-grinding. According to customers’ different requirements, yellow stone, white stone, AAA stone, artificial stone and rubber ball can be used for washing to achieve different washing effects. After washing, the cloth surface presents a grey and old feeling, and the clothes are slight to heavily damaged.

 3.Enzyme wash (Enzyme Wash)

The enzyme is a kind of cellulase enzyme, which can degrade the fibre structure under certain PH value and temperature, so that the cloth can fade gently, fade the hair (produce “peach skin” effect), and get a long-lasting soft effect. It can be used with or instead of stone, and if it is used with stone, it is usually called ENZYME STONEWASH.

4.Sand wash (Sand Wash)

Sand washing with some alkaline, oxidizing additives, so that after washing clothes have a certain fading effect and old feeling, if with stone grinding, after washing the surface of the fabric will produce a layer of soft frost white fluff, and then add some softener, can make the fabric after washing loose, soft, so as to improve the comfort of wearing.

13 Plus Size Jeans Wash Types-Professional Manufacturer of Plus-size clothing5.Chemical Wash(Chemical Wash)

 Chemical wash is mainly through the use of strong alkali additives (NaOH, NaSiO3, etc.) to achieve the purpose of fading, after washing clothes have a more obvious sense of old, and then add softener, clothing will have a soft, plump effect. Suppose you add stones in the chemical wash. In that case, it is called fossil wash (CHEMICAL STONE WASH), can enhance the fading and wear effect, so that the clothes have a strong sense of residual, fossil wash set chemical wash and stonewash effect in one after Wash can achieve a kind of imitation of the old and pile effect.

 6.Bleach Wash (Bleach Wash)

Make the plus size clothes have a clean white or bright appearance and soft feel, the need to bleach the clothes, that is, after the ordinary washing of water, heating to 60 ° C, according to the bleaching colour shades, add the appropriate amount of bleaching agent (bleaching agent), 7 ~ 10 minutes to make the colour of the board consistent. When operating, adding bleaching agents should be consistent with the direction of the cylinder to avoid bleaching agent can not be diluted with water as soon as possible and fall directly on the clothing, appearing local bleaching. Before bleaching, the tank’s water level should be slightly higher, so that the bleaching water dilution. 

After the plus size clothing bleaching to the board, with large (small) soda (Na2CO3, NaHCO3) to the water residual bleach water neutralization, bleaching completely stopped. After waiting for clear water, add detergent, fluorescent whitening agent, hydrogen peroxide, etc. in 50°C water temperature for the final washing, neutralize PH value, fluorescent whitening, etc., and finally, soft treatment can be done. Rinsing can be divided into oxygen bleaching and chlorine bleaching. Oxygen bleaching is the use of hydrogen peroxide in a certain PH value and temperature oxidation to destroy the structure of the dye, so as to achieve the purpose of fading, whitening, general bleaching cloth surface will be slightly red. 

Chlorine bleaching is the use of sodium hypochlorite oxidation to destroy the dye’s structure to achieve the purpose of fading. The fading effect of chlorine bleaching is rough, mostly used in the bleaching of indigo denim. After bleaching the pair of plates, the bleaching should be stopped by neutralizing the residual chlorine in the water and clothing with sea waves, and then stonewashed after bleaching is called stone bleaching (BLEACH STONE).13 Plus Size Jeans Wash Types-Professional Manufacturer of Plus-size clothing

 7.Destroy Wash (Destroy Wash)

 Garment after pumice polishing and auxiliary treatment, in some parts (bone position, collar corner, etc.) to produce a certain degree of damage, after washing plus size apparels will have a more obvious residual effect.

13 Plus Size Jeans Wash Types-Professional Manufacturer of Plus-size clothing

 8.Snowflake washing(Snow Wash) 

Dry pumice with potassium permanganate solution soaked, and then in a special rotary cylinder directly with the clothing polishing, through the pumice polishing on the clothing, so that the potassium permanganate to oxidize the friction point so that the cloth surface is irregular fading, the formation of white spots similar to snowflakes.

 The general process of snowflake washing is as follows: pumice soaked in potassium permanganate – pumice and clothing dry grinding – snowflake effect on the board – remove the clothing in the wash tank with water to wash off the clothing stone dust – oxalic acid neutralization – water washing – on the softener.

13 Plus Size Jeans Wash Types-Professional Manufacturer of Plus-size clothing

 9.Cat whiskers (Moustache Effect) 

Cat whiskers are WHISKER, but WHISKER’s term is more professional. Cat whisker is a kind of hand litter (hand rub, HAND BRUSH), it is only ground into the shape of cat whiskers.


Sandblast also known as sand (SPRAY STONE WASH/SANDBLAST), is special equipment (image point is a large electric toothbrush, only roller type) in the fabric sanding, usually with an inflatable model with.

11.Spraying monkey (Monkey Wash) 

Spraying Monkey and sandblasting the essential difference is that the former for the chemical effect, the latter is the physical effect. Spray monkey uses a gun to spray potassium permanganate solution according to the clothing’s design requirements, a chemical reaction to make the fabric fade. The concentration of potassium permanganate and the amount of spraying used to control the degree of fading. From the effect, spraying the colour evenly, the fading’s inner layer’s surface layer can achieve a powerful fading effect. While sandblasting only in the surface layer of fading, you can see the fibre’s physical damage.

 12.Pigment wash (Pigment wash/pigment-dyed wash)

Pigment Wash is also called “single coating/paint dyed”, which means that this wash method designed for garments dyed with paint role consolidate the original brilliant colour and increase the softness of the hand.

 13.Tinting Wash(Tinting Wash)

 Tinting is a process where significantly less tint is involved, and mainly direct dye is being used to do this process. This is being done to change hue-cast-tone of Indigo. As soon as the quantity of tint colour increases and it covers up Indigo. Archived the dyeing effect. Tinting is used to give denim jeans a used-vintage and dirty look.

These processed takes from 5 to 25 minutes for better results followed by dye fixing and clean up of superficial dye.


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