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5 Plus-Size Fashion Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

It can be difficult to look at your wardrobe objectively and admit that you make the occasional fashion mistake, but the only way to move forward and improve your sense of style is to acknowledge the occasional sartorial error of judgment and put it behind you!

Not sure if your current wardrobe is working for you, or if there are aspects of your wardrobe that are due a tweak? Here are five plus size fashion mistakes that could be wreaking havoc on your personal sense of style, and how to fix them!

Hiding Your Body In Baggy Clothes


No matter what its size or shape, your body is something to embrace and be proud of! Not only does hiding your shape in baggy clothes make you look self-conscious and insecure, it will also make you look bigger than you are. That doesn’t mean you should suddenly start wearing bodycon dresses, but choosing clothes that fit your frame will immediately make you look both slimmer and more stylish.

Only Wearing Black

It’s true that black is both slimming and universally flattering but that doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself from wearing other colors too. Being plus size doesn’t mean that you should shrink into the background! Instead experiment with other dark shades such as brown and navy blue, and inject brighter, bolder colors into your outfit too: choosing bright accessories is a great place to start if you’re color-shy.

Avoiding New Trends

Being plus size doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with all the latest and hottest fashion trends. The internet has transformed shopping for plus size women, and with a whole world of different options for finding the very latest curve fashion, there’s no reason why you can’t try every new trend that you want – and talking of trendy now.


Most girls love to experiment with accessories, but one common mistake that many plus sized women tend to make is adding too many accessories to their outfit, usually to compensate for wearing an all-black outfit. Instead you should use your accessories wisely: pick just one or two that will suit your outfit and make the most of your assets, drawing the eye to all the right places!

Wearing Leggings As Pants

Leggings are comfortable and easy to wear, which makes them perfect for pairing with dresses and tunic tops, but wearing leggings as pants is one of the worst mistakes that any woman can make. Leggings tend to become see-through when they stretch, show off every lump and bump in your legs, and simply don’t provide enough coverage for your rear. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear leggings, just pair them with a longer line top that falls to your mid-thigh and covers up your underwear!


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