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Xiangshan is a professional plus size jeans manufacturer in China for worldwide Importer,Wholesaler, Retailer,Chain stores and small brands startups fashion brands.

We meet your requirements of custom denim jeans manufacture, ODM and OEM denim

jeans manufacturer, private label custom design plus size clothing and jeans manufacture in China.


With more than 15 years of experience manufacturing (Gold Certificate of Compliance) plus-size clothing and curvy denim jeans for customers and fashion brands, we know what to expect regardless of the type of apparel order. We understand the value of good plus-size clothing designs and how to create them.








We are one of the leading manufacturers of private label plus size jeans in China, offering one-stop service for private label clothing production and custom clothing production.


As a leading private label plus size jeans manufacturers in China, With our focus on providing one-stop full service for private label clothing manufacture and customized clothing production, we are also one of the professional plus size jeans manufacturers in China.This special service handles subsequent tasks such as designing and making technology pack, popular wash styles, sample development, bulk production, In-line, Final inspection, and logistics. Specially, we have strong expertise in sourcing and developing woven fabrics and accessories for bulk orders.



Why Production Plus Size Clothing (plus size jeans, pants)?


The number of plus-sized people in the world has exceeded 2.2 billion, with Americans and Chinese at the forefront.


With strong consumer demand, it is one of the clothing segments that cannot be ignored.


NPD data indicates that women’s plus-size apparel spending grew over three times as fast in 2021 as the rest of the apparel market, making it one of the plus size clothing segments that cannot be ignored.




According to Google Trends, the search trend for plus size shopping fashion has been increasing since 2004.


Approximately $480,991.8 million was generated in the global plus size clothing market in 2019 and is projected to grow to $696,712.1 million by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate of 5.9%.


The demand for plus size clothes/denim jeans is growing, and more and more women are looking for plus size clothing wholesale to fit their needs, Additionally, a lot of people are wondering where to find plus size clothing wholesale.


We are list the data of Women’s plus size apparel market in the U.S.




Best Custom Private Label Plus Size Jeans Manufacturers in China


Private label apparel manufacturers in China provide two types of services


  1. Ready-made wholesale plus size jeans is designed by the factory and the labels and hangtags are removed by the factory and replaced by the buyer’s labels and hangtags.


  1. Plus size jeans is designed by the customer, including fabric quality, wash effect, workmanship and trims, and it’s tagged and labeled with the customer’s private label.


If you don’t work with industry-leading private label apparel manufacturers, ordering customized apparel can be risky.


We are well known for making comfortable, high-quality clothing and providing outstanding customer service.


With us, you will never have to worry about the wash colors or sizes changing during the entire process of manufacturing plus size jeans.



customized denim fabric quality for private label apparel manufacture


There are thousands of denim fabric qualities in our fabric suppliers sample room for our customers’ selection of custom private label plus size jeans. Our fabric suppliers keep updating and recommend new fabric qualities every week, and every season we update the new fabric qualities in our showroom.



Certificates for Denim Fabric






Flow Chart of Denim Fabric Manufacturing:


Yarn collection from spinning manufacturer


Yarn dyeing



Equalizing or Heat setting



Folding & Packing





You can see the plus size denim manufacturer Video


Before cutting bulk goods of Denim Fabric for plus size jeans, it is need to test Shade Blanket to avoid color differences after washing.
What is a Shade Blanket? We are sharing as below:


SHADE BLANKET Where fabric is cut from each roll of fabric, sewn together, with roll numbers on the back of each pad to allow manufacturers to wash and identify all shade colors of each roll.

This is an important tool in cutting apparel made from denim to ensure you cut garments from the same shade group.(It is very important)


Custom private label garment manufacturing services in China


Customized design private labels types


We are 15 years old private label clothing manufacturer in China, and we work with many garment label suppliers, allowing us to provide you with many kinds of private labels, and we can provide you with samples very quickly.


A wide variety of labels are available, including satin labels, woven labels, heat transfer labels, PVC labels, and reflective labels.


Woven Labels


Satin Labels


Heat Transfer Labels


Customized private label



Customized wash styles for private label plus size jeans manufacture


Denim designers and washing engineers often travel to the United States, Japan, and Turkey to exchange ideas and develop popular wash styles and new fabrics.


Attached Wash Styles:



Flow Chart of Jeans Manufacturing Process:

Denim fabric from batch

Marker making with pattern



Sewing or joining parts

Washing (Enzyme wash, stone washing, bleaching wash etc)

Finishing process


Folding & Packing


How to avoid the destroy of bulk wash(light denim fabric and pocket corner


1.added a round patch to avoid the destroy when the washing bulk of the front pocket corner. 



2.add a woven type of white or navy, black to back below waistband


  1. Wash in Light jeans add white type
  2. Dark and Indigo jeans add Navy type
  3. Black Jeans add Black type


How to measure plus size jeans


In making the proto or counter sample of jeans and producing the bulk measuring the size of all parts of the jeans is easy to misunderstand. Now draw a sketch to share as below:

How to measure plus size denim jacket

how to measure each part of the plus size denim jacket as below:

You can see the video of jeans production






Customized trims and accessories


As a custom private label clothing manufacturer, we are capable of making custom zippers, buttons, rivets, labels (main label, care label, flag label, etc. ), hang tags, price tags, poly bags, etc.


All the trims can be customized private brands.


Customized packing and packing materials


Work with the private label apparel manufacturers, choose from a variety of customized services we offer.


In addition to screen printing, embroidery, and embellishing, we also offer a wide variety of fabric types and wash colors (including special denim fabrics) for you to choose from.


You can also introduce your own custom color.


No matter the clothing item or your specific apparel needs, we are confident that we will be able to create the perfect apparel for your private label brand. We also offer re-labeling and tear away labels as part of our exclusive custom apparel services.


Providing wholesale private label plus size clothing to customers in China


All garment products on our website are ready-made and available for wholesale in-stock supply.


In order to provide the private label for wholesale plus size clothing products, we can offer labels, hang tags, packing bags, etc. depending on the wholesale order quantity.


If you are interested in learning more about our custom and wholesale private label clothing manufacturing services in China, please feel free to contact us.

Are you facing problems with plus size jeans factories like these?

  • How can upgrade size of paper patter from size 00 to 40.
  • Can’t accept low quantity from 100-1000pcs of plus size jeans, jogger,jacket etc.

3) Too difficult to communicate with suppliers. It looks like they are without common sense in the apparel industry.

4) Factory does not have honesty on quality control, ship out the finished cargo in conformity with golden samples.

5) The factory does not arrange a shipment on time miss the sales peak time.

6) Too frustrated to solve the issues with the factory while customer complaints happened.

7) worry about the intellectual property risks.

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